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Default Micromax Boot Mode keys combination

X231 no key need to press, with x11i cable.

X368 press 1 or green key before connect to flash tool or maui meta,Flashing Cable-X265

X660 volume down key press before insert data cable-3 for sw( Flahing cable-5: SPAMOB1800 can also be used)

X283 press 0 no. key before connect X11i flashing cable for maui meta or flashtool.(select USB in comport)

X288 : Flashing cable-6, SPAMOB1192

A73 : Both keys home and back, before insert cable,

A78 : Volume UP key, before insert cable.

X271: Press Green/calling key before insert download cable.

X1i reloaded : Data cable-3,press calling/green key before download.

X640 : SW with volume Upkey and normal USB

X256,X257 : X11i flashing cable, press calling key

X275 : normal USB, data cable-3,LSK need to press

X335 : Data cable-3, with Calling key

X274 : Flashing cable-4,SPAMOB0587,same of Q5fb

Q55 Version 13 is available on FTP with name New BT090910

GC200 Flashing : cable is common with GC257 SPAMOB3554(cdma)

X246 : cable is common with X11i and X550.( Need to press 0 to start, hold and press * key while sw update)

X223 Flashing : X11i cable, Green key for downloading

X78 : Data cable -3, green key pressing for software update.

X450 : SPAMOB6114-Flashing cable-X450, otherwise disconnect Vcc line from SPAMOB1800 cable and use as alternative flashing cable.

Q85: Data Cable-3,RSK need to press.

Q36 : Use Data cable-2 for Flashing & IMEI, Press & hold 'Space' key before insert cable for flashing or IMEI.

X312 Flashing : X11i flashing cable , 0 key need to press

X259 : X11i Flashing cable ,Green/calling key need to press.

X210+ Flashing : Calling key + Normal USB cable

X445 Flashing : X11i Flashing cable with center key pressing.

X1i Xtra : X11i cable for Flashing, IMEI with X290 IMEI cable.

X45 Flashing : X11i Flashing cable,no key need to press

X44 Flashing :X11i Flashing cable ,RSK need to press(data cable-3 with 0 key)

A50 : Data Cable-3,Volume down key

A80 Flashing : X11i cable, direct software, without pressing any key

X277 : Flashing cable of X11i, LSK need to press for flashing.

X234 :X11i Flashing cable, * (Star)key need to press

A84 Flashing : Copy SW in blank memory card, insert in phone, switch on with pressing Volume UP + Down keys together, SW starts automatically.

X294 Flashing : With X11i cable, LSK key need to press while flashing.

A52 Flashing cable X11i cable.

X102/X274/X490 : Flashing Cable -4 : SPAMOB0587

X276 Flashing : Data cable 3 with 1 key press.

X291 : cable is common with X11i and X550.( Need to press * to start, hold and press * key while sw update)

C190 : Data Cable-2

X268 : Flash with X11i cable, # key need to press before connecting cable.

Q34 :X11i Flashing cable ,Call key need to press

A45 : Flashing Cable-7 , SPAMOB1951

X50 : Data cable-3, LSK Key

X331 : X11i Flashing cable, Press Calling key for downloading.


X275 : LSK Key, X11i Flashing cable

X278 : Data Cable-3, Press '1' key before connect cable for Downloading to make USB COM PORT.

X292 : X11i cable, no need to press any key while connect with tool

A57,A87: Copy and paste SW folder in memory card, extract or wo extract, Volume UP key + Power ON to start download.

A84: Copy and paste SW folder in memory card,extracted SW files, VolumeUP+Down+ Power ON key to start download.

X293 : Falshing with Data cable--3, No need to press any key for flashing,MTK Flshtool 5.1220.

X101,X103 : Flashing with Data cable-2(LSK), IMEI with IMEI CABLE-SPAMOB5760,
write IMEI in tool, press write, insert cable in phone w/o battery, then at last insert battery in phone.Sample passed

X455(White+Black)SW joint),X1iXtra,: Cable name-Flashing cable-X455 Spreadtrum (SPAMOB5761)

X279 SW(Joint Black+white),A73IMEI(no joint),X455 IMEI(NO JOINT),X292SW(Black+white),X324(SW Bl+Wh joint): MSTAR cable(SPAMOB5762)

X331i(6250A) : Select .cfg file not Scat.LSK KEY need to press before insert Data cable-3.

X456 : No need to press any key for flashing, with Data cable-3 And X11i Flashing cable(B type cable)

X293: Falshing with Data cable--3 or X11i flashing cable, No need to press any key for flashing,MTK Flshtool 5.1120,Select cfg file in place of scat file.

X234C : 'Music' key need to press before connect to DATA CABLE-3 or X11i Flashing cable for Flashing.

P350 :Press Vol+ and on/off switch inset the data cable hold the Vol+ & through On/off switch give the puls

X446,X456 :With data cable-3 select .cfg file not scat file

A101 : Plug in data cable-3 while pressing the volume + key in the phone

A110 : Plug in data cable-3, For IMEI , tool version is 6.1204 maui meta only

A90S,A90 : X11i cable

X234+ : Use X11i cable for Flashing, Press '1' key before insert cable for flashing or IMEI write.

A25 : B Type Micro USB (SPAMOB3592) , no shortcut key, insert cable directly for software download.

X210+ : Flashing with Data cable-2, shortcut key for COM PORT making is Calling(green) key.

X350 : SPAMOB5762,For SW (Bl+white),

X269: Select cfg file in place of scatter,X11i flashing cable with Key press LSK

X325,X295,X286 : .cfg file in place of scatter file,LSK download key,with X11i cable & data cable-3 both.

A65 : Flashing With Data cable-3,Press Side Volume Down key before insert cable.

A65 : imei with SPAMOB5761

Q76 : MTK flash tool, With Data cable-3 or B type cable, Center key is download key before connect cable for flashing.

X396 : MTK Flash tool, No need to press any download key, with Data cable-3 or B type cable.

P600 : Update with normal USB data cable-3, update procedure PDF & IMEI writing doc is available on FTP.
After update software, Press RESET button for 5 Second, then switch ON the tab,will take 3-4 minuts to boot first time.
Later on, normal use it.

A89: B type USB cable (SPAMOB3592), No shortcut key for download( Volume down for Data cable-3)

Q23 : Select .hqs file in place of scatter in multiport MTK flash tool, Press LSK(left soft key) before connect to Data cable-3 for flashing.

A54 : Software update with Memory card, copy zip software file in card(4GB), insert in phone,Press & Vol Up key+Power ON, apply update from SD card, update start.
IMEI tool is same like A57.

P550 : B type cable for Flashing, Open tool, select key & image file, press start on tool, press & hold Vol UP key & insert cable, then toggle Power ON key 4-5 times, Software update will automatically start.
After finish software, press all 3 side keys together and switch ON, it will reset the tab.
Now normal switch on the tab.

GC222/GC333 : Use Data cable-3/B type for flashing, press '1' no. key before insert cable for flashing.MTK Flash tool 5.1236

X340 : Normal USB data cable-3 or B type cable.No shortcut download key, Press download and insert cable.

X099 : Data cable-3 or B type cable for flashing, MTK Flash tool 5.1136 or latest, Press '2nd calling key' before insert cable for download.

X327 : Data cable-3 or B type cable for flashing, MTK Flash tool 5.1136 or latest, Press '2nd calling key' before insert cable for download.

A116 : Data cable-3 for Flashing & IMEI,MTK tools,No download shortcut key,direct plug cable for SW or IMEI.Flash tool 3.1312.0.139
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